SOE air

The SOE air activates the air we breath to help the body in his ability to compensate. It is ideal to use in the bedroom at work or even in the car.

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With the help of technology researched by Jörg Klemm since 1987 and further developed since that time, the products developed and manufactured by wegamed GmbH facilitate the natural process of generating singlet oxygen, also known as Singlet Oxygen Energy (SOE).

Many Possible Uses

SOE air is a portable device, ideally suited to the activation of air in the bedroom (during the natural recuperation phase for our bodies while asleep), while at work in the office, while reading or watching television, or even while driving, to assist our body’s ability to compensate for the stresses and strains imposed by our civilisation.

Impact and benefits

Whenever your body is weakened by illness, SOE air supplies the energy that you need to get well again. SOE is a form of energy that our bodies produce themselves, recognize and are able to make use of immediateley. SOE arises in nature if sufficient energy is present: Lightning, movements such as storms, waterfalls, tidal action and in response to direct sunlight on a few particles of air. Here, it is not the excited condition of the oxygen that is beneficial to the human body, but the energy created by the return reaction to basic condition that is absorbed by the ever-present ambient humidity.

SOE air is solely a product for wellness and no medical product!


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